Gray Lens: Suitable for all light conditions, especially bright, direct sunlight. Great for open-water fishing.

Amber Lens: Offers enhanced contrast. Perfect for hazy, low-light, or overcast conditions and for those who prefer a subtle bronze hue for everyday wear. Ideal for early morning or early evening fishing.
Blue Revo Lens: Suited for extreme bright light conditions, especially ocean fishing where the most intense sunlight and glare are reflecting off the water.
Fire Revo Lens: Our Fire Lens offers the same protection as our Blue Revo Lenses, but have a reddish/orange appearance for wearers who have a preference for that particular lens color.
Yellow Lens: Sometimes referred to as ” Night Vision ” Lenses. These lenses actually enhance or brighten very low light conditions. Good for extreme overcast, slightly dark or cloudy conditions where there is very little light present.
All FishGillz Lenses are Polarized, provide UV 400 Protection, have Scratch/Fog/Oil resistant coatings and are impact and shatter resistant. FishGillz’s American Made Lenses, combined with an Ultra-Light, Sport-Flex Frame, make them the ultimate choice for boating, sight-fishing or any type of sporting or outdoor activity.

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Quality sunglasses that refuse to sink. Fishgillz™ are tough on the sun and easy on the wallet!

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