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Fishing Sunglasses – Frequently Asked Questions

How are FishGillz glasses able to float? Do they have bulky, cumbersome pads that make them buoyant?

No. Fishgillz fishing sunglasses utilize an incredibly light, polymer material that enables them to float on their own..There are no bulky pads, cords or straps which are typically awkward and restrict vision.


What is ” Multi-Layer ” Lens Technology?
FishGillz uses a polarized Multi-Layer lens technology in all of our lenses. During lens assembly, this filtering material is actually placed between the different layers of the lenses.The quality, placement and density of this tiny filter is critical in eliminating glare for the user. Made by the 3M Corporation, FishGillz polarized lenses are the best lenses available today. CLICK HERE to read more about our technology.


Which polarized lens color should I choose?

FishGillz has a variety of lenses to choose from. Please click here for more info.


Is there a guarantee with the purchase of my FishGillz?

Absolutely. We offer a full one year warranty against breakage and defects. (minus shipping ) Please click here for details. Warranty Info


What do I do if my FishGillz don’t fit perfectly?

One of the many features of FishGillz Fishing Sunglasses is they are made of a very flexible polymer material and can be adjusted to fit perfectly. Upon receiving your glasses, if they do not fit perfectly, carefully warm them in some hot water. Once you have warmed them, gently form them to fit around the curvature of your face for an absolute perfect fit. Once they are formed in that position, they will stay that way permanently and will never need to be re-adjusted.


Are FishGillz available in prescription or with bi-focal lenses?

Unfortunately we cannot provide prescription lenses at this time. Because of the various thicknesses of prescription lenses, the overall weights would vary and we could not guarantee that the frames would still be able to float.


I have a tendency to be hard on my sunglasses. Are FishGillz Fishing Sunglasses durable?

Yes. All of our frames are made with a very durable and flexible, ultra-light polymer blend. The lenses on FishGillz are made with a high-impact, shatter-proof material that can be struck repeatedly with a hammer and they will not break. (Although this is a true statement, we do not recommend doing this to your FishGillz sunglasses.)


Why are polarized lenses better than regular lenses?

Ordinary tinted lenses reduce brightness but only polarized lenses eliminate glare. Sand, snow, and water are all sources of polarized glare, which is why our Multi-Layer Lens Technology® is perfect for boaters, fishermen and any water sport enthusiasts.

I just received my Fishgillz , and it feels like I’m not wearing them. Why are they so lightweight?

When Fishgillz created our fishing sunglasses ,we had fishermen and boaters in mind. Our company wanted to provide an ultra-light pair of sunglasses, that not only protects the eyes, but provides maximum comfort when spending long hours out in the sun. Weighing only 1/2 of an ounce, you literally do not realize you’re wearing them.


I really like the wrap around frame design, and the side lens piece. What is the importance of that?

We felt it was very important to protect the wearer from the elements. Our frames have a close fitting, wrap around design to protect the user from wind, pelting water and harmful UV rays. UV rays can cause cataracts if the eyes are not protected. When sunlight hits water surfaces, light is scattered in all directions, hitting your eyes from all angles. This is why the side lens is critical in protecting the side of your face. In addition to protecting the user from the elements, the wrap-around sports frame provides 100% periperhal vision.


Is it possible to get a clear polarized lens?

No, it is not. The amount of polarization a lens achieves is proportional to the density of the film. The lighter the film, the less polarization a lens can offer. Tinting a light polarized lens does not increase its polarity. It simply darkens the lens and reduces brightness.


What’s the best thing about FishGillz sunglasses?

Fishgillz felt it important to address 5 areas of concern when creating our sunglasses.

1. Unsurpassed optical clarity
2. Ultimate comfort for the wearer.
3. Maximum protection from the elements.
4. A floating feature when dropped in the water.
5. All of these features at a reasonable, affordable price.

Quality sunglasses that refuse to sink. Fishgillz™ are tough on the sun and easy on the wallet! – BUY YOURS NOW