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The FishGillz Advantage

Product / Brand Info

FishGillz Sunglass Co. was established in 2005 to fulfill a niche requirement among water-sports enthusiasts and fishermen – “provide us with a light-weight and comfortable pair of sunglasses which will float when accidentally dropped in water”, was the simple request from the fishing community.


On researching the market, it quickly became apparent that using padded floatation devices, cords and other such paraphernalia was not the ideal way to go. And so the world’s first floating-frame technology sunglasses were developed. But it didn’t end there. Using patented technology lenses, FishGillz developed a way to improve visibility and clarity when wearing our sunglasses on and around the water. Fishermen received these features enthusiastically and the benefits of the product quickly spread via word of mouth to other water-sports enthusiasts.

Popular In the Fashion Market Sector

But the real surprise came when the FishGillz brand was embraced as a ‘style and fashion accessory’, quite by accident we might add. This opened the brand up into a much larger market, where it is purchased not just by water-sports enthusiasts but by the ‘cool and trendy’ crowd too!

Whether your store is located to service a market connected with water/sports activities or not, the FishGillz brand can enhance your bottom line.

Other Lenses Do Little To Eliminate Glare
High Optical Clarity With FishGillz Patented Lens Technology

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