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About Us – FishGillz Sunglass Co.

kenny300Fishgillz ™ was founded in beautiful, Sunny Laguna Beach in Southern California. Due to a yearly average temperature of 73 degrees, Laguna Beach and the surrounding areas have become a haven for sports fisherman and water sports enthusiasts.

In the late 1960’s, the entire coastline of Laguna Beach was declared a “Marine Life Refuge” to protect and preserve the rich variety of marine life for all to observe and enjoy. Surfing, sailing, jet skiing, yachting and kayaking are just a few of the many outdoor water related sports that are done year round in this incredible ocean paradise.

Because of the many water related activities, there was a need for sunglasses that float when dropped in the water. To the delight of many local residents, sports fisherman and water enthusiasts, Fishgillz ™ satisfied this need, and created a pair of high quality, floating polarized sunglasses.

FishGillz Sunglass Co. is committed to making the finest sunglasses available today. We use only the highest grade materials, and our testing standards and quality control are second to none. It is this ” commitment to excellence ” that has made us successful in providing you with the perfect pair of floating polarized sunglasses.

Since the inception of our floating sunglasses, Fishgillz ™ are now worn by anglers and boaters alike, in all parts of the country as well as Canada, England, Australia, and many other areas of the world.

FishGillz Sunglass Co.