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Give Your Eyes The Protection From Glare They Deserve And Need

Fishing Sunglasses by FishGillz

FishGillz floating sunglasses are the ultimate pair of polarized sunglasses. Specifically designed for fishing, boating and the avid outdoor enthusiast, FishGillz uses high quality polarized lenses that offer the most enhanced vision and maximum protection when spending long days in the sun. The ultra light, Flex Fit™ frames that are used on all FishGillz frames, make FishGillz the most comfortable pair of sunglasses available today.

Our Fishing sunglasses combine Multi-Layer® Lens Technology and optically correct, distortion free
lenses, that are ideal for reducing glare.

Multi-Layer® Lens Technology uses a polarized micro-filter and anti-reflective treatment to eliminate glare and block out harmful UV rays.




The Many Important Features of FishGillz Floating Sunglasses

Floating Frames – A Much Needed Feature for Boating and Fishing

When choosing sunglasses for fishing or boating, having sunglasses that float if dropped in the water is a much needed feature. All FishGillz Sunglasses float if dropped in the water, and they float without the use of any pads or cords that can restrict vision. FishGillz sunglasses float in a horizontal position which makes them visible and easy to retrieve. Other floating sunglasses in the marketplace use pads that are glued to the frames and/or have cords attached. These floating devices can be uncomfortable to the user and can sometimes obstruct vision. Using our patented Flex Fit™ frames, All FishGillz Sunglasses look and feel like regular sunglasses, are incredibly light weight and offer maximum comfort when wearing them for long periods at a time.


Polarized Lenses – A Must Have For Fishing Sunglasses

Sunlight that reflects off of water surfaces can cause intense glare. This glare from the sun can cause headaches, restricted vision, fatigue and even stress. Because of these problems, it is critical to have polarized lenses when wearing your fishing sunglasses. Polarized lenses act as a filter and will minimize the glare that is reflecting off the flat surface of the water. All FishGillz fishing sunglasses have high quality polarized lenses that offer maximum protection from the intense rays of the sun. Glare is also caused when sunlight is reflecting off any flat surfaces ( horizontal meridians ) such as snow, sand, a wet road or the hood of a car during light rain. These glare causing conditions make polarized lenses a must have when wearing sunglasses. Since all FishGillz sunglasses have polarized lenses, this makes them the perfect choice for any outdoor activity.


100% Peripheral Vision

While spending time outdoors, it’s important to have a full range of vision while wearing your fishing sunglasses. For example, when cruising across a crowded lake in a boat at high speeds, it’s important to be able to see oncoming traffic, whether that traffic is coming from the front or the sides. Wearing polarized sunglasses that do not have full peripheral vision, could restrict vision and could possibly be a safety concern on a crowded lake. A full range of vision could also be important when snow skiing, water skiing, bicycling or any other activity where there could be oncoming traffic or from the side. All FishGillz sunglasses offer a wrap around, sports contour frame, and provide 100% peripheral vision for the user.


Flex Light, Non Slip Frames Provide Maximum Comfort

While spending long days fishing, anglers and boaters often times wear their sunglasses from sun up to sun down. Because of these long days in the sun, it is important to wear sunglasses that are light weight and comfortable. Heavier sunglasses can be uncomfortable and if constantly sliding off, can cause irritation on the bridge of the nose. FishGillz fishing sunglasses have a non slip feature built into the frames, which prevent this from happening. All of our floating sunglasses weigh approximately ½ of an ounce, which make them the most comfortable fishing sunglasses available.

Wide Temples / UV Protection

UV rays from the sun can be very damaging to the eyes. Over a period of time, UV rays can cause cataracts and crow’s feet around the corners of the eyes and drying out and wrinkling of the skin.The skin around the eyes are sensitive, which create a need for even more protection to prevent damage to those areas. All FishGillz frames have a wide, wrap around temple, that conforms to the face and offers extra protection from the damaging UV rays from the sun. The high quality polarized lenses in all FishGillz sunglasses, offers 100% UVA and UVB protection.


A good pair of polarized fishing sunglasses should have a durable frame that can withstand the most toughest conditions. The outside elements, such as abrasive salt water and UV radiation, can have a damaging effect on the frames, especially the finish. All FishGillz fishing sunglasses have a UV coated, fade resistant barrier that is integrated into the frames to protect the frames from peeling, fading and cracking. FishGillz’s proprietary Armor Core™ frame finish can withstand the toughest outdoor elements ensuring many years of enjoyment for your FishGillz Sunglasses.

Protective Case

When spending a long day fishing or boating, it’s sometimes easy to toss your sunglasses around while racing to the next fishing hot spot or your favorite location. At times, your shades can get tossed on the dashboard, into the tackle box or thrown onto the front seat, only to be sat on accidentally. A protective case is a great accessory to have to protect your favorite fishing sunglasses. A good protective case can help keep dust and oil off the lenses and protect the frames from being banged up or damaged. All FishGillz floating polarized sunglasses come with a padded case to help protect the lenses and add long life to the frames. In the event your case gets knocked overboard, it floats!

floating sunglasses for fishermen

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See Through The Water And Catch More Fish.

Heavy Glare Without FishGillz
Without FishGillz Fishing Sunglasses

Strong glare / reflection from the water obscures objects below the surface.


Features of all FishGillz Lenses:

  • High impact / shatterproof
  • Polarized filter, unsurpassed optical clarity
  • Front-loaded lenses for maximum safety
  • 100% UVA/UVB protection for your eyes
Glare Filtered Out With FishGillz
With FishGillz Fishing Sunglasses

Our Polarized lenses cut glare, revealing fish and other objects below the water surface.


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