FishGillz Coastal Series of Floating Polarized Sunglasses

The spirit of pioneering navigators that crossed the edge of the world in search of new continents. At once with a spyglass and eagle-sharp eyes, many mariners would shout joyfully “Ahoy!” as the glorious coastlines appeared on horizons. Cruel glare and misty salt-spray would often blind them but our modern day sea-masters take the FishGillz Coastal eyewear to better scour the sea for untold bounties.

Coastal - Medium Fit


    •    Floater Core® Frame Technology
    •    Polarized Lenses
    •    UVA/UVB 400 Protection
    •    Flex Lite® Sport Frames
    •    Gator Grip® Temple Locks
    •    Polar Shield® Side Lens
    •    Vapor Shield® Lens Coating
    •    Front Loading Lenses

floating polarized sunglasses for sports fishermen, boaters and more - Coastal Series

Quality sunglasses that refuse to sink. Fishgillz™ are tough on the sun and easy on the wallet! - BUY YOURS NOW