Polarized Sunglasses for Fishermen 

Polarized Sunglasses are one of the most important tools to a fisherman. The polarization in the lenses help filter out surface glare, which enables the angler to see underwater. This is useful because when fishing, it’s important for the fisherman to be able to see under water structure, such as logs, rocks, tree stumps etc., because this is where fish tend to hide. Polarized sunglasses use a tiny filter in their lenses. This tiny filter works similar to a venetian blind, blocking out light that is being reflected off of horizontal surfaces. The polarized lenses in fishing glasses is also helpful for blocking out glare, because glare can cause headaches, fatigue and sometimes stress.

The Lenses in polarized sunglasses, can come in an array of colors. Amber or brownish type lenses are often used for cloudy, low light or hazy type conditions where glare is still present. Gray or Blue mirror type lenses are typically used for bright, intense light conditions such as ocean or open water fishing. The mirror polarized sunglass lenses that you typically see fisherman wear, actually work  like a mirror which helps bounce the sunlight off the surface of the lens.

Polarized lenses are also important for boaters. If someone is traveling in a boat at high speeds, it’s important that they have unrestricted vision, so they can see other boat traffic coming from all directions. If a boater is constantly squinting in the sun, it could prevent him from seeing properly, so you can see why a good pair of polarized sunglasses is essential.

Polarized Fishing Sunglasses Review

Polarized fishing and boating sunglasses have become a must have for boaters, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts. FishGillz Sunglass Co. in Southern California, www.FishGillz.com, has designed the perfect pair of fishing and boating sunglasses. FishGillz has added a floatingfeature which eliminates the worry of dropping your glasses overboard and watching them sink to the bottom. They are also priced right, starting around $49 per pair. They come with a nice protective carrying case and micro-fiber cleaning cloth.

Polarized Sunglasses have become extremely popular over the years. When choosing your next pair, look for sun glasses with comfort, protection, a good frame design and UV protected lenses. And don’t forget to look for an affordable price as well!!

Quality sunglasses that refuse to sink. 

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